Praeludium A

My name is Hyperion.

I’m just an ordinary tribesman in an ordinary dorf with ordinary sacrifices.

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Right now, I am stepping in a bog, ankle-deep in water and mud, smelling like cow piss and burnt peat.

Before me lies an ancient germanic dorf.

Flashes of blond and red hair flit from hut to hut.

I hear screams.

Young girl screams.

The thud of flesh upon flesh and a father’s last gasps.

It is danger.

But it is my danger, and I must go to it.

I am Hyperion.

I have become a player in a game of gods and must learn the rules as I go along.

Praeludium B

She will be killed tomorrow.

I hear her scream as the tribal guards push her into the hut made just for her.

Her father screams from the ground, foaming at the mouth as the two guards hold him down.

“Shut up you bastard — or we’ll sacrifice you tomorrow too!”

He bites a square palm hirsute with white-blond hairs.

The guard yells, then comes down on his head with his knee; silence…for now.

I’m standing in the marsh, water over my ankles, the smell of cow piss and burning peat stinging in my nose.

The memories of my last dream…

The Uncanny Valley is — You

No, we should not believe that it is sentient because it could be a heuristic program which is designed to behave as if it is sentient.

The heuristic program could have been deliberately created by a human being in order to deceive us into believing that it is sentient.

I have decided to answer the general question above because I thought that it was an interesting philosophical question and I thought that it would be an interesting challenge to answer it.

I started to answer this question by thinking about how I would test an artificial intelligence to see if…

Notice that Hyperion is not in the 1st draft!

That’s because this all started out as a morbid “Edgar Allan Poe” tale about human sacrifice…

The FIRST Sacrifice — Annbritt or Dargun?

Hyperion Dreams 2 — The Sacrifice

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Hyperion’s tribe!

I hope you have your weapons ready — because we are going to do some serious fighting in the next book: Hyperion Dreams 2 — The Sacrifice!

Hyperion Dreams 1 was just a little teaser actually, just “a Novelette to get your feet wet!”

I’m writing Hyp-2 right now, and need your help.

You see, I am not your ordinary author, I let my readers participate in the creative process!

So…here I am sitting in Northern Germany, and narrowing down all the options for the Heroine’s name.

I’m down to TWO…

The inspiration comes…

There is A LOT of backstory to Hyperion Dreams…

The Secret Scrolls of Hyperion

Instead of telling you it,

I want my readers to discover it; one Neanderthal, one Cro-Magnon at a time!

One of Hyperion’s haunting grounds is the HARZ MOUNTAINS in present-day Germany.

There is something more than primordial here.

Let’s call it “Über-primordial”!

Some Philologues profess this is the cradle and BIRTHPLACE of the Indo-Europeans!

Indeed, the oldest Skymap has been found here: The Disc of Nebra. It is over 4,600 years old — that’s older than the friggen’ pyramids!

And if you take all of the place-names, and their endings, plug…

As I float through the dark ether, in space, in nothingness, I start descending into the blackness. Now I can smell my destination. It is cold and dark and musty. An instant feeling of dread and fear overtakes me.

I really don’t want to descend into this dream.

Despite my wants, I awaken in my new reality. The dank, moist air and its smells have stayed with me. My bear shirt is drenched. There is a thick mist about us, not thick enough to be rain, but thick enough to form droplets on our faces and chill our lungs.


As with all of my dreams, I don’t know how they happen, I mean, I don’t know how I get there. I don’t just lie down and go to sleep. From one moment to the next, I’m simply there; floating down in the darkness, and then everything appears around me:

I’m lying in our tribal cave. I’m covered in my furs. I’m sick, my lungs hurt, and I’m coughing uncontrollably. But it’s warm in the cave, and I’m trying to sleep.

In my delirious slumber I sense twelve hands that find their way under my body, and lift me up…

Will we ever make it off of this god-forsaken rock?

As your planet runs out of resources, your civilization is faced with the question, “Whereto next?”

One of the more interesting questions is: “Who gets to go?”

But before we answer any of those questions, we must be at least a LEVEL 1 civilization!

Memory Refresher…


A level one civilization is PLANETARY, and can harness the entire energy of a planet. Additionally, they are also INTERPLANETARY and can travel from planet to planet in their own solar system.


A level two civilization is STELLAR, and can harness the entire engergy of a star. They are…

… scrolling down

I stumbled upon this highly revolutionary and controversial treatment in my daily romp in cyberspace: Coffee Enemas!

For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than search it for themselves…

The first results in Google are “coffee enema instructions”, “SA Wilson’s coffee enema” and “10 reasons why you should try a coffee enema.”

If you read the above articles you will be convinced this is awesome stuff!

Some of the benefits are: “anti-cancer” , “detoxify”, “flush out bacteria, heavy metals, fungus and yeast.”

Very compelling, and persuasive arguments indeed! …

Edgar Asimov Poe

In these series of books the eternal battle of the emotional mind versus the rational mind is completely explored; with the style of Asimov and a twist of Poe.

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