Hyperion Dreams 2 “The Sacrifice” New Cover Pic image
Hyperion Dreams 2 — The Sacrifice

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Hyperion’s tribe!

I hope you have your weapons ready — because we are going to do some serious fighting in the next book: Hyperion Dreams 2 — The Sacrifice!

Hyperion Dreams 1 was just a little teaser actually, just “a Novelette to get your feet wet!”

I’m writing Hyp-2 right now, and need your help.

You see, I am not your ordinary author, I let my readers participate in the creative process!

So…here I am sitting in Northern Germany, and narrowing down all the options for the Heroine’s name.

I’m down to TWO…

The inspiration comes from my local “haunts”; my wife is Polish, so we drive from Germany to Poland A LOT.

We drive by castles, like Schwerin:

We drive by Bogs — lots of them! — where the ancient Germanic “bog bodies” come from…

(The Windeby girls has been dated to between 41 BC and 118 AD. Dang! — around 2000 years ago!)

We drive by Werner von Braun’s Rocket Base/museum in Peenemünde, where, as a General in the SS, he built the V2 rocket…to bomb London!!! Ugh! :-(

I really can’t believe it sometimes!

I’m from California, and I drive by where the f***ing nazis actually launched missiles to blow-up England…regularly!

But let’s concentrate on the prehistoric gore shall we?

In Northern Germany there is PLENTY of material for a cyber-thriller-AI-Historic-Fiction-KILLER-THRILLER!

So, could you please help me by voting for the heroin’s name?

Annbritt is a northern German and Swedish name, whereas Dargun sounds older, more “urig.”

Which one do you prefer? Just click on your favorite below:


That would be cool, and don’t worry, the links lead to my facebook page where you can see more stuff, the MESSY creative process!

THANK YOU so much again for being on this journey with me!

EAP, author of Hyperion

PS: The Windeby girl has a 2,000 year old SECRET! — I’ll let you know all about it in the next post!

PPS: Did you miss the first book? Get him here!

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