It SUCKS being a Rational INTP

You are constantly surrounded by “dumb” emotional people.

You notice that you can’t help them.

You think they are irrational and not doing what is in their best interest. Indeed, they are suicidal in your eyes!

When everyone knows, the answer is so clear, it’s logical…duh!

If only everyone was like us rational INTP’s!

We would have a bunch of Spocks running around, and expounding logical rational arguments…

And the world would be in ordnung!

In Ordnung!

We are all prisoners of our emotions: the rational mind (if there is such a thing) wants to break out, but lo and behold, our wants and desires not only decide every decision we make…

Our wants and desires ARE every decision we make.

Thus, the “rational” person wanders through life, constantly frustrated at all of the emotional people who can’t make a “rational” decision, who can’t see;

The light of rational thought — The clarity of scientific scepticism — The beauty of the Socratic Method.

With the onslaught of the Post-Truth age, us INTP’s are forced to come to terms now with the fact that FACTS don’t matter anymore.

Truth does not matter anymore.

It’s all about persuasion nowadays, in this post-truth world.

Galileo would have a hard time in this world to say the least. I would love to see what he thinks about this new growing religion called “scientism” and all of the non-scientists who are jockying to be the grand-guru of it all.

Above all, I would love to see what he thinks about global warming and climate change…if he would survive today…

Indeed, our modern scientism experts are real “Galileo Burners!”

What happens when you oppose the holy brotherhood of scientism experts and the crowd of deluded citizens who believe them?

Find out here>>>Burning Galileo

[see also “Why Personality Tests Are Bullsh*t] w.i.p.

In these series of books the eternal battle of the emotional mind versus the rational mind is completely explored; with the style of Asimov and a twist of Poe.

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