The Benefits of Coffee Enemas, Climate Change and…

I stumbled upon this highly revolutionary and controversial treatment in my daily romp in cyberspace: Coffee Enemas!

For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than search it for themselves…

The first results in Google are “coffee enema instructions”, “SA Wilson’s coffee enema” and “10 reasons why you should try a coffee enema.”

If you read the above articles you will be convinced this is awesome stuff!

Some of the benefits are: “anti-cancer” , “detoxify”, “flush out bacteria, heavy metals, fungus and yeast.”

Very compelling, and persuasive arguments indeed! But then…I scrolled down…

The use of coffee enemas has led to several deaths as a result of severe electrolyte imbalance, hyponatremia, dehydration, pleural and pericardial effusionswikipedia

And there is NO scientific evidence that coffee enemas actually do what they are touted to do. This was tested and peer reviewed, and indeed, no measurable results…

“Today we are witnessing a resurgence of colonic irrigation based on little less than the old bogus claims and the impressive power of vested interests. Even today’s experts on colonic irrigation can only provide theories and anecdotes in its support. It seems, therefore, that ignorance is celebrating a triumph over science.” –E. Ernst, J Clin Gastroenterol. 1997 Jun;24(4):196–8.

Holy cow! — am I glad I scrolled down! I was just about to buy a pound of coffee…

This brings us now to the big one: Global Warming-Climate Change.

Before we enter ANY conversation about this topic, we must keep two things apart:

  1. The SCIENCE
  2. The AGENDA

…for they are two completely different things.

Indeed they are intentionally conflated in order to persuade.

On a recent trip from London To San Francisco I had the pleasure of sitting next to a real scientist, I mean a really smart one that had GOBS of titles and Phd.’s in things like molecular biology and other cool stuff like that.

She was the real thing, high calibre indeed…

The UN pays her way to Switzerland and back, just for her opinion.

So I tried the Socratic method on her:

Me: “Do you believe in climate change?”

“Oh, yes, of course, don’t you?”

“Yeah, kinda, but tell me, is it all bad?

“Well yes, I believe it is — “

“So there has been a scientific study which weighs the benefits of global warming versus the disadvantages?”

“ — um no, none that I know of…”

“So it’s just your opinion — “

She interrupted me, just as much as I interrupted her (fun!):

“ — There’s a consensus in the scientific community.”

Me: “And why do you need a consensus?”

“Er, um, because when you have a theory or hypothesis, and…”

“Aaaand????….[snicker snicker] — “

*She sighes*

“And it’s not really proven yet, you go to your peers; you know? — ‘peer review’, and you test your theories on them. The one that sounds most plausible wins, at least until another comes along to disprove it.”

“So you guys just kind of agree on what’s right?”

“Yeah but — “

“ — But what about the ones that don’t agree and offer scientific evidence contrary to your theory? Do you change your theory?”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Ivar Giaver, a Nobel Prize winner, ooh…Freeman Dyson — he’s basically a modern Einstein, to name a few — “ [this was my blatant appeal to authority — but it works with academics, and well…everyone!]

“ — Oh but they’re not climatologists!

“Well neither is Mitchio Kaku, but you sure do believe him and his slick YouTube videos dontcha?”

“Uh…yeah — “

Then, finally cornered, in exasperation;

“Well you gotta do something! It’s truly better to do something than nothing right?”

“Well, it depends, but do you agree that that is precisely NOT a scientific argument?”

Blank stare, ‘leave me alone finally!’ — tattoo’d on her forehead, I finally stopped before I became even more unpopular.

And this is the case with all humans, even scientists:

When you simply ask questions, even the biggest most authoritative scientist will default to the INSURANCE SALESMAN ARGUMENT.

Which is nothing but a persuasion tool to leverage FEAR and get you to do one thing:

Buy their insurance policy — whatever it may be!

At this point I would like to point out, that most of my friends are liberal climate change “agenda-ists”.

So I offer this, if you want a project to succeed do not:

  1. Make a new tax to pay for your new program. That’s the quickest way to piss people off and lose support. Especially when there are FREE ways to get what you want.
  2. Keep jumping around; from Global Warming, to Climate Change, To “Extreme weather”. The most important phase of any project is the definition phase. The quickest way to fail a project is by getting the name wrong. Get it wrong and it definitely falls apart later. E.g. the United States already has a Clean Air Act. This is one of many other projects that is conflated with climate change.
  3. Resort to “Consensus Science”. In the science community there is no such thing. As a matter of fact, scientists laugh at the term because it is an oxymoron: Once you say consensus, it cannot be science. The oxymoron “Consensus Science” first came into use in the late ’80s when global warming could -not- be proven.
  4. Act like you own the truth. If you call people who don’t agree with you “deniers” you are pulling Hillary’s “Deplorable” tactic. You saw where that got her.

Once you think you own the truth……you’re lying. That’s the nature of truth.

Einstein’s opinion of “consensus”

Indeed, the Climate Change project is a total failure by all metrics…except one big BIG one:

The metric called PERSUASION.

Al Gore and the Media have been very successful in getting the world behind them.

Indeed the movement has such momentum it has scared scientists — Nobel Laureates among them — to leave the “movement”:

The Agenda, has reached fundamentalist proportions and is a prime example of mass “Group Think”. Any dissenting scientists are ignored and/or ostracized.

If Galileo were alive today, he would be labeled a ‘Kook’.


I will take the chance, and make the prediction here, that Global Warming and the Climate Change Agenda will go down in history as the biggest Coffee Enema of our time.

The Science isn’t the problem; the Persuasion is.

For the record,


In these series of books the eternal battle of the emotional mind versus the rational mind is completely explored; with the style of Asimov and a twist of Poe.

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