There is A LOT of backstory to Hyperion Dreams…

The Secret Scrolls of Hyperion

Instead of telling you it,

I want my readers to discover it; one Neanderthal, one Cro-Magnon at a time!

One of Hyperion’s haunting grounds is the HARZ MOUNTAINS in present-day Germany.

There is something more than primordial here.

Let’s call it “Über-primordial”!

Some Philologues profess this is the cradle and BIRTHPLACE of the Indo-Europeans!

Indeed, the oldest Skymap has been found here: The Disc of Nebra. It is over 4,600 years old — that’s older than the friggen’ pyramids!

And if you take all of the place-names, and their endings, plug them into the great computer, you will see that all place-names “point” to the Harz.

For example, the Harz mountains and the outlying cities contain the ending “-burgh”, as in the Edinburgh of Scottland. The region also contains many “-rode”’s and “-alm” ‘s. However, Scottland does not contain any -rode’s or -alm’s.

Only the Harz region contains ALL place name endings of Europe!

This is, of course, weak evidence at first for the hypothesis. However combined with the archeological evidence, the case is compelling, to say the least…

Anyway, if you want to get this new backstory, you can get it HERE.

And do enjoy this video :-)

In these series of books the eternal battle of the emotional mind versus the rational mind is completely explored; with the style of Asimov and a twist of Poe.

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