Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Civilizations [Infographic]

Will we ever make it off of this god-forsaken rock?

As your planet runs out of resources, your civilization is faced with the question, “Whereto next?”

One of the more interesting questions is: “Who gets to go?”

But before we answer any of those questions, we must be at least a LEVEL 1 civilization!

Memory Refresher…


A level one civilization is PLANETARY, and can harness the entire energy of a planet. Additionally, they are also INTERPLANETARY and can travel from planet to planet in their own solar system.


A level two civilization is STELLAR, and can harness the entire engergy of a star. They are also INTERSTELLAR, being able to travel from star to star.
The profound difference; this civilization is truly IMMORTAL, “If your star dies, just go to the next one!”


A level three civilization is GALACTIC !
This civilization can harness the energy of an entire galaxy. It goes without saying that they are intergalactic, and can travel across the universe at will.

What’s even more astounding and hard for us humans to comprehend; this civilzation can WARP the Time Space Continuum!

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